Lamphey Show Fundraising Pledge 2019

    Please pledge your support for the Lamphey Show Fundraiser (our main fundraiser of the year). Whether you can give just a couple of hours on the day, or just supply some homemade cakes, every little helps. The more people that volunteer the better. Your children will directly benefit from the money raised. Please reply even if not available. Thanks.

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    How would you like to help - please tick all that apply?

    Making sandwiches during the day on Tue 6th Aug:

    Setting up the tent on the evening of Tue 6th Aug (from 5pm):

    Supply cake(s) (preferably homemade as they sell better):

    Help on the stall at the following times on Wed 7th Aug (tick all if no preference):
    We will try and limit to one time slot each if we have enough volunteers!

    Taking the tent down and clear away on the evening of Wed 7th Aug:

    Sorry, but I'm not available to help this year:

    Please add any further information below. We can arrange drop off/pick up points for cakes if you can't make it on the day.